About The Author

 Mike Duralia is the grandson of European immigrants who came to America through Ellis Island.  His father was the only one of four children to attend college.  As a result of his parent's hard work, Mike was able to go to college and earned a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and later a Masters Degree in Business.

Mike realized that in spite of all his education he had never really learned about the basics of personal finance.  As such, he discovered many things that happen to us in life are unexpected and can create financial difficulties if we have not adequately prepared.

Over the course of his life, Mike has read various publications, researched financial topics of interest and used basic trial and error to develop an understanding of the proper ways to manage money and his financial life.  He has compiled what he has learned into the Real Life 101 Handbook so other people will have a handy, single source of information to begin their personal finance education.   If you have any questions just contact Mike.